Delivery Information

Please check addresses carefully. Business names, apartment & suite #'s are very important in getting packages delivered.

Upon shipping, we will supply you with the FedEx tracking number for your order. This will tell you the day that your order is expected to be delivered. Your order will be shipped in a styrofoam cooler, surrounded by a cardboard box. We will include enough frozen gel packs in the cooler to keep your food at a cool, safe temperature throughout transit. Please be ready to refrigerate or freeze your order as soon as possible after delivery.

All food items are shipped fully cooked and packed with frozen gel packs.

All food items are PERISHABLE. Please refrigerate or freeze upon arrival.

FedEx will leave packages on the recipient’s doorstep. No one has to be home to receive a package. If you are ordering a gift, please confirm the recipient will be in town and alert them to expect a perishable package. Morris Barbeque is not responsible for packages spoiling due to the recipient not taking a package off the doorstep in a timely manner.

Please see this document for other helpful tips upon receiving your order:

Reheating Instructions

(receiving & reheating instructions)

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