We have been cooking Barbeque a long time, but Shipping Barbeque is a new adventure for us.  Please bear with us as we develop and refine this site.

For technical problems,  please contact the web designer (me, Charles) at
For any other questions, such as regarding product info, contact William at


We only ship on Mondays.  In order to guarantee your barbeque will ship on Monday, we must receive your order before 12 o'clock noon on the previous Friday (Eastern Time).  If your order is placed after this deadline, it may not ship until the Monday of next week.

We like our barbeque to be fresh.  On occasion, we may not be able to fill a large order until the following week due to insufficient supply.  If this happens, we will notify you via email.  Please rest assured, your payment method will not be charged until your order is being shipped!

Our cost to ship your order can vary depending on many factors that are difficult to pinpoint with our shipping calculator.  If our actual cost differs at shipment, we may be able to charge your payment method LESS than the original quoted total.  With that being said, we will NEVER charge you MORE than your original quoted total under any circumstances.

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1 lb BBQ 1 pint slaw 12 hushpuppies               ..
Squeal Special
2 lbs BBQ 2 pints slaw 24 hushpuppies ....             ..
Squeal Special (customizable)
Custom quantities of BBQ, slaw, and hushpuppies. .......           ..
Family Feast (sandwich pack)
3 lbs BBQ 2 pints slaw 12 buns .                  ..
Love That BBQ
BBQ sold in 2 lb packs, up to 20 lbs total.  $11.50 per lb + tax. ....       ..
Love That BBQ (1 lb packs)
BBQ sold in 1 lb packs, up to 20 lbs total.  $12.50 per lb + tax.       ..
Love That BBQ (frozen)
Frozen BBQ sold in 2 lb packs, up to 40 lbs total.  $11.00 per lb + tax. ....     ..
BBQ Heaven
BBQ sold in 1 gal containers, up to 4 gal total.  $92.00 per gal.       ..
BBQ Heaven (frozen)
Frozen BBQ sold in 1 gal containers, up to 4 gal total.  $88.00 per gal. ......
Barrel of BBQ
1 gal BBQ (8 lbs) 1 gal slaw (8 pints) 72 hushpuppies . ..
Morris Madness
2 gal BBQ (16 lbs) 2 gal slaw (16 pints) 144 hushpuppies ...          ..
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